1. Are there any store of Hodrey?

Yes, it is in "Kanyon Shopping Mall" in Istanbul/Turkey.

2. What is your contact information?

You can find the contact information by selecting About Us -> Contact on the menu bar.



3. Why should I become a member?

You can shop at Hodrey.com without membership, but we advise you to sign up so we can send you news that we want to share with you.

4. Can I shop without Membership?

Yes, you can.

5. I forget my password, what should I do?

In case you click "Forgot Password" link, a renewal password mail will be sent to your e-mail address that you used during the membership.


6. How can I shop at Hodrey.com'dan?

You can search specifically for the products you are looking for. You can continue shopping by adding a basket to your favorite product, then you can complete your shopping by completing payment and delivery processes with the confirm basket option.

7. Do you make custom design?

No, we are not.

8. Can I order for products that have been out of stock?

You can email info@hodrey.com to learn the production status of the items that have been out of stock. So, we can inform you about the production plan of that product.  

9. Is VAT included in the prices?


10. Does the price include shipping fee?

It is up to your shopping amount: 

- If your shopping amount above the 200 EUR than the shipping fee will be 0,

- If not than you can see the shipping fee when you go to payment page. 

For more details please visit "Shipping Details" page.


11. How do I pay? Which options are available?


You can pay with credit or debit card on payment page.


12. Is it safe to shop at Hodrey.com?

The information you provide when making a payment is not kept by us for the sake of your safety. This information is encrypted using a 128 bit SSL system and delivered directly to the relevant bank and the security system of the bank is activated afterwards.

We recommend that you check the "Privacy Guidelines" for further details. You can also contact us at info@hodrey.com at any time.


13. What are the requirements for the start of the delivery period of the product??

In order for the delivery period to start, the payment must be completed and the delivery and billing address information must be accurately indicated.

14. How long products will be shipped after they have purchased

- Orders received on Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday is shipped next day.

- Orders received Friday-Saturday and Sunday is shipped next Monday

Since the shipping companies do not work on public holidays (such as festival days), shipments are made 1 or 2 business days after the official holiday ends.

15. How soon will the product reach me after the product is shipped??

Depending on your country and city, it will arrive within 3-6 business days on average.

16. What should I do if the cargo has not been reached within the specified time?

Estimated arrival time is between 2 and 5 business days after the product is shipped. If you have not received your cargo within this period, please contact us at info@hodrey.com. Than, we will assist you within 2 business days.

17. Am I going to make any payment while I am receiving the product from the cargo?

It's up to your order amount and order process (like first delivery or change return). Please see the shipping details page for more information. 

18. What should I take care of during cargo delivery?

If you detect any cut, opening, wetness, or tear in the product package during shipping, we recommend that you open and check the product together with the cargo officer. If you see any problems in your product, please do not take delivery of the products by requesting to keep a record from the cargo authority. In this case, the product will be sent back to us, we will exchange the product and send it to you.


19. Which cargo company will deliver the order?

UPS Cargo.


20. Can I cancel my order from Hodrey.com?

If your order has not been shipped yet, you can enter your profile and initiate a cancellation request for the relevant order from "My orders"

Order cancellation is not possible for shipped products. In this case, you can start the return process after you receive the product.

For durther detail you can send an e-mail at info@hodrey.com.

21. If the order is returned, how many days the refund will take?

Once you have confirmed  about your order cancellation request, your money will be charged to your account depending on your payment method. If you paid by credit card, your card will be refunded and we would like you to follow the process through your bank as the refund process is related to the bank internal process. In installments, repayments for the banking process are made in installments.


22. Can I return the products that I bought from Hodrey.com?

Yes, you can make a product return by adhering to your return and exchange contract.


23. Which cargo company should I use for return transactions?

As long as you pay the shipping fee, you can use any shipping company.

24. What are the conditions of return?

The return conditions are stated in our "Return and Exchange" contract. You can reach the contract by following the steps About us -> Return & Exchange at Hodrey.com.

25. Who will pay the shipping fee for my returned products?

You have to pay the shipping fee. In contrast, we cannot accept your return request.

26. Can I change the products I buy from Hodrey.com?

Yes, you can exchange products by adhering to your return and exchange contract.


27. Which cargo company should I use for the exchange procedures?


As long as you pay the shipping fee, you can use any shipping company.

28. What are the conditions of change?

The return conditions are stated in our "Return and Exchange" contract. You can reach the contract by following the steps in our About Us -> Return and Exchange from Hodrey.com

29. After the change request is accepted, how many days should I wait for having the new products?

After the change request is accepted and you are informed, your products are sended cargo after at least 1 business day and then you reach to your new products 2 and 5 working days (depending on the city you are in).